How To Approach A Woman With Certainty - A Brief Guide For The Shy Man

How To Approach A Woman With Certainty - A Brief Guide For The Shy Man

It is difficult to meet women in this fast paced world, but it can feel next to impossible if you are a shy man. You want to learn how to approach a woman, but you know success with women requires confidence and that is something that does not come natural to you. You may feel very anxious about walking up to a beautiful woman and speaking right now, but the following tips will help you overcome the shyness, boost your confidence, and take that first step towards a loving relationship.

Know Your Value

You do not have to be the most attractive or richest man in the country to get the attention of a beautiful woman. You also do not have to limit yourself to approaching the most physically attractive women in your life. Most women want to be physically attracted to the men in their lives, but they also want to be respected by someone who makes them laugh and who is honest and loyal.

Most women find these attributes attractive in men, even if they come in a physical package that is not breathtakingly gorgeous. They just want to be happy, fall in love with someone honorable, and lead a good life. You want the same things, right?

Take out a piece of paper and write down the attributes that you have to offer a woman. Are you smart, funny, financially stable, generous, or destined to be the perfect father and husband? Once you see how much you actually have to offer a woman, you may have a little more confidence as you learn how to approach a woman.

Ask a Woman

Ask women in your life who you trust about your biggest selling points. You don't want to ask anyone who you have romantic feelings toward. The goal is to get some positive tips on what other women may find attractive about you. They may see things in you that you do not see in yourself, and that can boost your confidence.

Let It Flow Naturally

Don't waste your time rehearsing cheesy pick-up lines in the mirror or video recording yourself practicing new pick-up skills. If you want to learn how to approach a woman with complete confidence, practice using cues in your natural environment to strike up conversations. Draw on things happening around you to start talking to women.

For instance, if you are eating lunch by a waterfall downtown when a beautiful woman sits beside you, comment on the pigeons nearby or the beauty of the falls. This will feel more natural than spouting out rehearsed lines, and the woman will feel you are making polite conversation rather than trying to pick her up.

You can learn how to approach a woman without the sweaty palms, cracking voice, or empty brain. Get in touch with what you have to offer and then practice being yourself!

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